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A nanny is a person who is engaged to provide childcare in and around the family’s home, generally on a regular or long-term basis, opposed to short-notice casual care.

A nanny is highly experienced in looking after the daily needs of children, and their role is more involved than simply supervising a child while their parent is out. Often nannies hold Early Childhood qualifications, and many have additional, specialised certifications (such as an Infant First Aid training, or a Sleep Consultant certification).

Nannies are responsible for the physical and emotional wellbeing of the children in their care, and their tasks may include maintaining sleep and feeding schedules, providing developmentally appropriate activities, organising engaging and educational outings, preparing meals and other light household tasks, establishing safe physical and emotional environments, and building positive, secure relationships with the children they care for.

Different types of nannies include a Live-Out Nanny, who comes to the family home on set days, or a Live-In Nanny, who resides in the family home and whose duties are generally the same as a live-out nanny. Another option is a Nanny-Share arrangement, where a nanny may care for children from two or more Nurture families at the same time.

While in some cases, nannying is not as flexible as casual babysitting, there are lots of nannies who are willing to be flexible to your needs, and our app can be used to customise arrangements for both the family and carer.

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Babysitting is a form of casual childcare that happens in the family’s home, a holiday home, workplace or any other appropriate venue.

The babysitter is engaged casually by the family generally to provide short-notice, casual or once-off care for the child or children.

Typically, services offered by babysitters are not as extensive as those offered by nannies due to the short time period that the babysitter will be with the child.

The main role of a babysitter is to care for the child, but flexible arrangements can be made for light housework duties or meal preparation. These details can be discussed with your babysitter when enquiring about their services.

Most sitters offer their services on top of their regular work and/or studies. Because they are not full-time carers, typically their availability may be limited to casual care, or one-off bookings.

Many Nurture Babysitters work in education and care settings in a full or part time capacity and take casual bookings to top up their income. Some may be studying nursing or occupational therapy, and all of them must hold the same minimum experience and certifications as outlined in our FAQs.

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