Personalised Nanny Placement Services

Our service offers a personalised, premium nanny placement concierge designed to find you the perfect full-time or part-time nanny for regular support in your home.

Personalised Nanny Placement Services

Before/After School Care Service

Understanding the hectic schedules of parents, our Before/After School Care Service is designed to offer a reliable solution for school and daycare pick-ups and/or drop-offs.

We recognise the importance of a nanny or carer who not only fits into your family’s schedule but also aligns with your unique needs and preferences. 

Our service ensures that your child is not only taken care of during these critical times of the day but also supported through their after-school activities and morning/nighttime routines.

Additional Benefits and Guarantees

Additionally, our payroll partner, Pay the Nanny, offers all Nurture families free set up, which represents a saving of $75. This service streamlines the financial management of your nanny’s pay, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

We are committed to your satisfaction and provide a replacement guarantee should the placement not work out**.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you not only find a nanny who fits your family’s needs but also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re supported every step of the way.

How it Works

  1. We discover all about you – your family, your unique needs, your routines, any expectations or requirements, your interests, what is of cultural importance to you, and what (if anything) you may be willing to compromise on for the right nanny. We want to learn all we can about you and your children to enable us to provide you with the most aligned nanny’s available. 
  2. To ensure the process is convenient for you, we have created a comprehensive online questionnaire for you to complete at a time that is right for you.
  3. You will have our experienced Care Services team supporting you throughout the process. 
  4. Online access to our bespoke library of resources to discover the best ways to welcome a Nurture Nanny into your home.
  5. Complimentary 3 month subscription* to our babysitting service, for those times when you may need a babysitter outside of your nanny’s regular hours, or in the case where you may need a temporary replacement due to sickness, holidays, or university placement.
  1. We begin a personalised recruitment process to find the best match for your family, based on your needs. This includes advertising your job extensively within our nanny database, on our socials, and through various job pages and recruitment sites.
  2. We individually screen each potential candidate, inclusive of a child-safety assessment where we confirm experience, contact child-related references, present a range of behavioural scenarios to the nanny, and verify the validity of their WWCC. We also require all candidates to have a current Police Check and valid First Aid and CPR certificates.
  3. We individually match candidates to your requirements, needs and special interests.
  1. We present you with a shortlist of high-quality nannies who are best aligned with your family’s needs and interests. We encourage you to interview any shortlist candidates to determine if they are the right fit for your family. This gives you the chance to meet your potential nanny face to face, discuss any queries or expectations in person, and most importantly gives you the chance to see how they interact with your children.
  2. Once you have selected a nanny to join your family, we offer support in making an offer, employment contracts and payroll assistance, through our trusted Partner Program with Pay the Nanny. 
  3. We also offer the option to trial your nanny before making your decision. Please get in touch to discuss trial options.
  4. For your complete peace of mind, we offer a 2-week replacement guarantee, free of charge***

*Registration to our casual carer platform is valid for 3 months, after which a monthly subscription fee of applies

**Fees and conditions apply; a replacement is not guaranteed

***Terms and conditions apply

Pricing Structure

Discovery Fee: $69

Placement fee for Permanent Nanny

Placement fee for Permanent Before & After School Nanny:

Our placement fee is due once you have selected the nanny you would like to join your family and an offer has been made and accepted. For families wishing to trial their preferred nanny, we require 50% of the placement fee to be paid upfront.

Nanny Rates

What to Expect from Your Nanny

In our personal experience, a nanny can have a lasting meaningful relationship with your family and children. Inviting your nanny into your home and family can go a long way to setting your nanny up for success, which in turn will ensure your child/ren’s needs are met and the adjustment for your child/ren will be as smooth as possible. When your nanny feels comfortable within your home, they are more able to perform the care role for your child/ren, along with ensuring your expectations are met fully. 

Small, but important considerations including ensuring your carer knows where to park, how to access the home (if this is not straightforward) and the layout of your home will go a long way. Having clear conversations with your carer about the layout of your home, safety, and access (or off limit) area’s is essential. Clearly communicating contact and personal information for you and your children is imperative. Whether you pop a piece of paper (laminated if you have the means and time) under a magnet on the fridge, pin a message to the top of your comms with your nanny, share a “note” in your phone with your carer, or any other way you feel comfortable –ensuring they have access to important phone numbers – these may include your work number, alternative contacts such as dad, grandma, grandpa, uncle or aunt, neighbour, GP or other medical practitioners, or daycare/school contacts.

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